The MVB update 2

This blog has become yet-another-not-updated blog lately, so I thought I’ll bring you up to speed.

There are a great many things I was participating in lately and this had successfully foiled my plans for producing quality content here. Between the last entry and now I did:
Help organise 4 coding dojos
Worked on several projects
Delivered 7 talks
Finished a 10K run \o/
Started doing classes for children again
Worked on 2 workshops
And 1 festival
And 1 article
I can probably come up with much now excuses.

That was a pretty busy six months, but I plan to change around some things, so you can expect more content in December 🙂

I would like this blog to be a go to source for best practices, explained as best as possible, since I do this a lot during my talks as well. This is because I believe that we can do better with teaching people the clean code principles and design patterns to say the least.

This is a crucial part of software engineering, which makes a big difference. Also that knowledge remains basically unchanged over the years, which cannot be said about the tools we are using, once learned, it will stay with you for a long time.

See you this December, when I’ll post an guide to a decorator pattern 😉

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