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Hi there!
After many years of thinking to myself that I should start writing a blog, I’ve decided to go full #yolo and just start writing and see what happens.

My name is Dawid Mazur. I am a software developer since 2012 (professionally), also I have some experience as a team leader and a project manager. I’m also a part of an amazing IT community, organizing events, doing talks and workshops. I work mainly in PHP and JavaScript, so you can expect the examples to be in that languages, the content on this blog should be pretty language-agnostic though.

And what will that content be? Many of my talks focus on best practices, so I’ll most likely write o lot about them. We’ll see what happens then. If you want to know more about clean code, design patterns, SOLID, Scrum and this kind of jazz. Drop by from time to time, I’ll do my best to deliver ­čÖé

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